We are East Sussex, Heathfield and Eastbourne Photographers. With over 20 years experience of photography work for brochure design, web sites and P.R. we have gained a great deal of experience ensuring that our customers receive the precise results they are expecting. For much of the time we have specialised in interiors, floor coverings and architectural work, however we can now offer any type of photography including pack shots, people, buildings, studio work, products or on-site. Our philosophy is that photography is both an art and a science, because there are technical aspects to consider, such as shutter speed, colour settings, simulated film speed, lens settings, as well as the huge range of post shooting adjustments that can be made using Photoshop and other software.

A creative eye is also required to perfect shot composition, correct lighting and content. There are many hidden difficulties when shooting under limited or reduced lighting for interior work. Namely tungsten lighting tends to result in a pink colour cast, whereas florescent lighting can produce a greenish tint overall. This is an area we pay special attention to. In the past we had to make the adjustments using filters, however with today’s sophisticated digital cameras much can be matched quite simply with the software built into the camera. Imaging software such as Adobe’s Photoshop and others can facilitate further adjustments to photos after the event so that quite advanced re-touching can be achieved, as well as a range of unusual and creative graphic effects.